About Us

MEDELBatteries.com is an ecommerce site belonging to Micropower Battery Company. MBC has been in business since 1989, selling hearing aid batteries and other button/coin cell batteries. Today, we are one of the largest micro battery distributors in the world. Effective November 2023, we have partnered with MED-EL to supply disposable batteries to their customers.

As a leading distributor and reseller, we have been selling online to consumers and businesses since 2001. Our wholesale market encompasses North America, Latin America as well as markets in Europe and Asia. We have direct supply relationships with many leading battery manufacturers including: Rayovac, Power One, Duracell, Panasonic, Renata, Toshiba, ZeniPower, iCellTech, and others. Our sister website, Microbattery.com, may be more suitable for wholesale or commercial customers, as many of the product items are optimized with volume pricing for wholesale purchases. For further assistance or issues with ordering, contact us by telephone, online chat, or our contact form.


Elliott Alexander, President